5 tips to improve the mix of your liners

If you are about to start creating a new series of liners for a radio or a radio show, then you may want to check our 5 tips that will make the production process faster, easier and much more fun.

Define the purpose

You better have something to say when you work on liners. A good starting point is to define the purpose of the liner. Is it going to be played between songs, before or after a commercial break, is it for a specific show? Whatever the purpose, liners must be concise and ear-catching. No need to overkill them with creativity: the station’s name, the slogan and possibly a few words to underline the context shall remain the main components of your liners.

Get a good quality voice recording

If you are in the process of selecting a voice talent for your liners, you want to pay attention to the sound quality of the recordings. A performance without any booth reverb, no filter, no eq and in wav format delivery shall be required. You may order your vocals from talents who record from their own home studio. Then you shall carefully review their demos and make sure the sound quality matches your needs. Please check our post 5 tips to chose the right voice talent for more information.

Select the background

Are you planning to enhance your vocals with background effects or music? If the answer is “yes” then you are going to need to access a comprehensive library of sound design effects and music. Today’s radio production includes the use of many sound design effects that increase the intensity of the vocals. Most liners and promos start with sound design effects, then develop with music, transition effects, and end with an outro effect. Depending on the length, the wording and the breaks in the vocal recording, you may use more or less sound design effects.

Edit and clear the vocals

After you chose the background then you can synchronize your vocals. You shall ask your talent to record several takes of your texts so you can pick the ones you like the most, or even make a composite of several takes. You also want to clean up any distracting vocal breaths and clicks.

Mix down your liners

The last part of the creative process is a matter of bringing together all the components of your mix. Your are going to adjust volume, pan, compression, reverb, delay, and saturation in order to make a clear and powerful liner. The most challenging part is to get the vocals to stand out from the music and effects.  The voice must pop up in the mix. Use eq and compressor to make the vocals sound fuller and thicker. Please check out our tutorial how to make you vocals stand out in a mix

These are basic tips that you can apply to liners and promos.



F.B. has been working in the radio industry for 10 years. He produces radio imaging elements for sonsduproducteur.com

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