Back in time was launched in 2007 in France. It was only in French and its only purpose was to sell the first CD of sound-design effect  created by One Shot Studio. The idea was to provide low budget radio stations with the same sound material that One Shot Studio makes for its custom made radio imaging productions. The CD featured hundreds of sounds easy to customize with local voice talents.  It became a success in France and soon after attracted clientele all aver the world. To make them more accessible, all products were made downloadable within the website with consistent updates and new amazing material.

About "les Sons"

Sons du Producteur is run by One Shot Studio USA, CORP, a company specialized in radio imaging productions. Our headquarters are located 7950 NW 53rd Street Suite 337, Miami FLORIDA 33166, USA. For a faster reply, please contact us via our contact page or the online chat.

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