Create your French radio image with this bundle of 15 pre-produced liners.

The bundle includes pre-made mixes, separate beds and separate French vocals.
The demo presents the 15 liners enhanced with radio sound processing. The elements you will receive are free of radio sound process, so you can tweak them to your needs and add your own sound process.

Demo & Download


Each liner is easy to customize by adding your station’s name to the pre-mixed elements. Each liner comes with its bed and vocal version.

  • Track list
  • 1-Station’s name
  • 2-Marre d’entendre le meme titre
  • 3-Ecoute! Le coup de coeur de la semaine
  • 4-Une seule station tous les hits
  • 5-La musique à son maximum
  • 6-La radio 100% hits
  • 7-Toujours plus de tubes
  • 8-Toujours plus de hits
  • 9-Tous les hits
  • 10-T’es branché tubes
  • 11-A fond sur les hits
  • 12-Monte le son
  • 13-On n’a pas fini de vous faire vibrer
  • 14-Le week-end
  • 15-L’essentiel des hits

File description

44 stereo, CD quality recording (44.1khz, 16-bit) wav files, delivered into a zip file. Download Winzip here to unzip the files.


Rate: 79,90€.
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