Did you hear the news?

According to recent polls, the news is the most requested content for radio listeners. From worldwide news, political news and local news coverage, news media are now receiving a better audience than music channels.
Therefore, news segments must blend on air with the program, incorporating matching jingles, beds and links.

Reinforce your brand identity during the news

News shall be a distinctive part of your program, as some listeners rely on it as their main source of information about their community and the world. But it also has to be a part of a global identity. The news Intro and outro are probably the most important sounds to consider as they start and end your news segments. In addition, they shall match the format of your station and connect with the rest of your program.

The main imaging elements your radio needs for news.

Here is your news shortlist.

  • Intro: music intro that makes the transition between the music flow and the news segment. Its duration can be anywhere between 5 to 20 seconds. It often turns into a headline bed.
  • Headline bed: music bed that supports the headlines by the newscaster. It shall be "loopable" and shall feature a separate outro link.
  • Links: short music element use as break or transition between stories.
  • Outro: closing music that indicates the end of the news segment.

More imaging elements for news segments

Over the years, a large variety of themes have been integrated into the news segment. Breaking news, weather report, traffic update, local news also need their specific music, jingle, link, and bed.

In conclusion, you shall consider branding your news the same way you would for any other part of your program. Consistency is the key for a great radio imaging that speaks to your listeners.


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F.B. has been working in the radio industry for 10 years. He produces radio imaging elements for sonsduproducteur.com

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